Denis Sufo Tagne

Denis Sufo Tagne (Sufo Sufo) is an actor, author and theatre director from Cameroon.

His first play, Je Suis Libre Donc Je Danse, was published by Editions Koz’ART in 2013. He went on to write Croisement sur l’échelle de Richter (2014), De la mémoire des errants (2015), and Haute Cour 6600 (2016), which were shortlisted for the Prix Théâtre RFI (in 2014, 2015 and 2016) and the Prix des Inédits d’Afrique et d’Outremer (in 2014 and 2016). Haute Cour 6600 is currently being edited at the French publisher Ecritures théâtrales du Grand Sud-est (ETGSO).

Since 2009, Sufo Sufo has led “Scènes Expérimentales”, a biennial, Cameroon-based research project which brings together creators from a variety of backgrounds. He has also played a part in setting up Contexthéatrales, a contemporary workshop for theatrical texts, and Théâtre en Folie, an international festival around the subject of theatrical practices. He was awarded an SCAC grant by the French embassy in Cameroon, and in 2016 he completed a residency at La Maison des Auteurs with Les Francophonies en Limousin.

At Arc, Sufo Sufo will work on his “Post événements” (“Post-Events”) project. It is the second part of a diptych entitled “Dramaturgies de l’instable” (“Unstable Dramaturgies”), whose name is inspired by the imbalances that inhabit its constituent plays. The title “Post-Events” evokes the day after a terrible occurrence. The play will focus on the new kind of fear which arises the day after these events.

The challenge will be to give dramatic expression to the various kinds of fear which arise in the world and are undermining stability in Europe, taking the wave of violence that has recently swept across the continent as a point of departure. In this play, Sufo Sufo intends to explore the current perception of Europe in Cameroon, in Africa, and in a number of so-called third-world countries. It is important that young Europeans, who are increasingly open to other cultures, are offered this analysis at a time when the world has an urgent need for social and cultural exchange if it is to move forward.


  • Custom-made residency


 1 - 30 NOV. 2017