Thematic residency: Culture of Hacking

A thematic residency to develop a practical toolbox, with a focus on solidarity and exchange

This residency picks up from the “Culture of Permanence” thematic residency of 2016 during which artists and practitioners came together to develop a project that explored permaculture, communities of practice and P2P production by actively seeking to create a garden and plan how the land in the question should be used. We hope to continue working on P2P approaches, communities of practice and joint participation by applying these concepts to a field of action that constitutes a matter of great urgency and addresses very specific needs.

The arrival of refugees via the Mediterranean and what is being referred to as the “migration crisis” in Europe have drawn attention to the terrible conditions in which migrants make their journey, their low chances of survival and the stakes involved in migration policy. They have given rise to debates on what to do with these refugees once they are here. However, we have also seen citizens launch their own initiatives to encourage solidarity and exchange. Therefore, we want to work in this area without adopting a charitable or neo-colonial viewpoint, in order to develop practical solutions in collaboration with those most directly affected: the refugees themselves. Following initial research, we decided on a smartphone app as the common object / objective around which we could develop a community of practice. We thus wish to launch a process in which the know-how, skills and techniques of everyone involved are recognized and leveraged to make a success of our common endeavour.

The project’s guiding principles are: friendliness, enjoyment and exchange – all of which should allow us to create a practical, useful and fun tool. In this first phase, we will put together a mixed group of artists and practitioners as well as individuals with migratory and/or asylum experience before conducting initial deliberations on the needs, opportunities and conditions under which this tool can be created. Our main aim will be to gain inspiration from social innovation methods, to add to them and to “hack” them with artistic strategies and experiences. In a second phase at the start of 2018, we will organise a “hackathon” during which we actually build the defined tool.

This thematic residency is developed by Sally De Kunst (director of Arc), Gosie Vervloessem (artist) and Julien Vuilleumier (anthropologist).

Participants: Anaïs Bloch, Sally De Kunst, Arielle Grasser, Ali Mohammadi, Jose Niangu Nginamau, Lamine Sanha, Marion Thomas, Gosie Vervloessem and Julien Vuilleumier.

Experts: Miguel Angel Alarcón Molina, Nicolas Nova, N.N.

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